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Are you looking for a trustworthy place to buy all red saffron, but are you having trouble to find a store near you that sells this delicious spice? Order it online at Saffron Webshop and experience worldwide shipping and a wide range of choices regarding the amount of saffron you want. These experts have packets and tins in all shapes and sizes, so the right amount of all red saffron for you will surely be available. Take a look at their collection now and feel free to order the amount that suits your needs. If you only cook at home, a smaller packet might be enough but if you work in a professional kitchen, a larger amount might be needed. The large tins that these experts offer might be just what you need in that case.

Why is a small amount of saffron so expensive?

You might be surprised because of the price of all red saffron. How can such a small amount be so expensive? Well, the reason is simple. It requires manual labor and a lot of saffron plants to produce a small amount of spice. You need about 75.000 saffron flowers to create a pound of spice, so you can imagine that it takes a lot of delicate work to realize the small amount of all red saffron you need for your dishes. Would you like to know more about saffron? Feel free to take a look at the website of these experts. Here you can read more about the origins of saffron and how to use it in your cooking.

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