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Explore different kinds of flue dampers from an expert

High-quality boiler flue dampers are used to regulate gas flows for industrial purposes. Hoogenboom Valves is a company that works in co-operation with their clients to guarantee the perfect valve for their system. Their clear agreements leave no room for interpretation, which results in their client knowing what the situation is. In turn, you are ensured of high-quality, solid flue dampers that meet your every requirement.

Bespoke materials to optimise your gas flows

Hoogenboom Valves offers customization of flue dampers for every company. These expert manufacturers know precisely what measurements are needed for your boiler flue. With over 30 years of experience their high-quality work comes at competitive prices. What kind of flue dampers are available?

  • Flanged butterfly valve which controls the flow of gas in industrial applications. It can be made from aluminium, (stainless) steel or pvc.
  • A 3-way diverter damper, also known as a bypass damper, which diverts the gas flow or exhausts gas to a heat exchanger to suit your purpose.
  • The blocking air damper valve is used to create a fresh lock of air between two valve blades.
  • Thanks to the high-end 3D software it is possible to design and manufacture every kind of bespoke louvre valve that can withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius. The manufacturing of these flue dampers is completely dependent on customer needs.

Explore the possibilities for your industrial applications

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of ordering new flue dampers for your machinery? Make sure to contact the experts over at Hoogenboom Valves to receive some more information about their products. Every company can benefit from their state-of-the-art flue dampers thanks to their worldwide delivery. Send an email or call these specialists to experience their fast communication yourself. Before you know it, the flue dampers are produced, delivered and mounted on your machine.