First class DAF trucks and spare parts for sale

DAF offers first class trucks for the highest transport efficiency. These trucks are renowned for their reliability, durability, and low operational costs. Besides, the driver comfort is unparalleled. Are new trucks too much for your budget? Then you can also check some used DAF trucks for sale. Francken & Wagensveld is a company based in the Netherlands with a wide array of used DAF trucks for sale. They make sure you have the right quality of trucks that meet your needs. They sold many DAF trucks over the years. Their success stems from their experience, their willingness to help their clients and advise them about the best options for their situation, and their qualified personnel. They know what they sell.

Everything you need is here

So you can check their DAF trucks for sale. You can buy the trucks, but also make sure they keep running in the long run. Francken & Wagensveld also offers spare parts for the trucks they sell. This way you can always go back to the trusted company you bought the truck from. This ensures you not only of quality but also saves you time. You do not need to look for other suppliers of spare parts, but you can just check the website of this company or give them a call.

DAF trucks for sale from different building years

The DAF trucks for sale are from different building years. You can find trucks from 2003 for example, but also from 2015 onwards. Qualified mechanics from Francken & Wagensveld audit all the DAF trucks before they sell them to ensure the highest quality and, of course, safety. So the used trucks you buy here are as good as new, for a very advantageous price.

Check out the CF series

Francken & Wagensveld offers the DAF CF series as well in the Netherlands. This series functions perfectly for bulk and tank transport and is perfect for regional, national or worldwide transport. They have the lowest fuel consumption in their range and have higher load capacities. Any questions? Just ask Francken & Wagensveldby calling them.