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How does water purification with an electrodeionization module work?

Are you working within the power or pharmaceutical industry? Then water purification is very important. Also within the food industry to produce process water and water for research and laboratory activities it is essential to purify water. One of the latest method of water purification is called electrodeionization. But how exactly does this works?

Electrodeionization: a continuous process

Electrodeionization is done with a so-called module, realizing a continuous process where the water is constantly purified without interference. It makes sure the water can actually assume the product that is added to it. Electrodeionization is a continuous operating water purification process that does not need chemicals for regeneration. With the help of this module, it is possible to remove ionized species from water, making sure it is pure for all kinds of (C)EDI applications.

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Find a fitting solution

Whether this method of water purification through an electrodeionization module is suited for the application that you have in mind, depends on the application and finding the right system. The experts over at Deionx will help you find a fitting solution in the form of an electrodeionization module. Are you interested in their products or would you like more profound information on the subject? To gain more profound information on the matter, please contact them by calling or by filling in the contact form.