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Let an experienced aeromedical examiner declare you fit to fly

As a pilot – whether professional or recreational – you have a lot of responsibilities. Afte all, the safety and lives of all passengers are in your hands. As such, it is important to ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to safely execute your duties and responsibilities as pilot. Your fitness is to be determined by a certified aeromedical examiner, who will give you clearance to fly. The aeromedical examiner will determine whether your health poses any risk to the safety of air traffic. This examinations includes various test, such as blood pressure measurement, blood tests and extensive eye test, audiograms and an electrocardiogram.

Examinations for all aviation personnel

Sky Medical Center, is an experienced company situated at Eindhoven Airport and offers various types of examinations for aviation personnel. Sky Medical Center carries out these examinations according to EASA guidelines, and provides the necessary certificates, clearing you to fly once more. The company’s aeromedical examiner provides Class 1 examinations for commercial purposes, Class 2 examinations for recreational pilots and even examinations for cabin crew, drone pilots and sky divers. Moreover, Sky Medical Center in Eindhoven also offers FAA Class 1, 2 and 3 examinations.

Book your examination now!

Regular exmionations are vital for all aviation personnel. In fact, class 1 pilot must visits the aeromedical examiner every year. Make sure you go for your check-up on time and book your examination right now. At Sky Medical Center, appointments are available quickly, without long waiting list. Moreover, you will often receive your medical certificate on the same day as the examination, so you are cleared to fly. This, combined with sharp rates and a convenient location at Eindhoven Airport, makes Sky Medical Center the perfect aeromedical examiner!