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Transport and Transportation

Quick and efficient EU transport

Would you like to transport goods within the EU and are you bumping into some issues? Y&O is happy to unburden you, from taking on a huge amount of administration to making sure your goods are carefully being shipped. They offer you a smooth cooperation, which means there is a fitting solution for your company in no time. With that, you will pay a great price for the excellent quality you get. Do you have a special request that seems unfeasible? Y&O goes out of their way to meet every request you have for them.

Request help with these services during customs formalities

Customs formalities ask for lots of documentation before you can transport your goods within the EU. Y&O takes care of these documents, like:

  • Import and export documentation
  • Intrastat declaration
  • Transit documents
  • NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority)

It is important to think about things early on, like documentation. Unnecessary delays can be avoided by being well prepared. Y&O is always prepared, even with arranging last-minute transport in the EU. They understand the importance of high priority shipping just as well as they understand transportation planned well in advance. After all, the world of transport never sleeps.

About the company

Y&O is your worldwide logistical partner. This company is located in the Netherlands and their specialty is unburdening clients by offering logics solutions. They do so with a personal approach; you are not just a number to them. The experienced employees know of the specific rules that need to be met in EU transport. Think of rules for transporting energy or mining products, but also for transporting batteries, medication, and other health products. Let Y&O take care of the restrictions so your goods are easily transported to your destination. Request a quotation or give them a call!