Renewable energy in underfloor heating

How to make your underfloor heating system even more sustainable

Underfloor heating in itself is already the most energy efficient heating system currently available. With underfloor heating the floor is turned into a giant radiant surface and the heat is evenly spread across the first 2 meters height. The heatloss is much lower in comparison with conventional heating systems with radiators. The level of comfort is therefore reached at much lower temperatures, using less energy and saving around 30% on the monthly energy bill. 

Renewable Energy

When underfloor heating systems are connected to renewable energy sources it is embracing the most abundant source of energy, the sun. Heat pumps extract solar energy which has been absorbed by the air, the ground, rivers and lakes. Even in Scotland there is plenty of energy left in these natural sources. To extract this energy you van use four types of heat pumps:

  1. Surface collectors
  2. Vertical propes 
  3. Air source heat pumps that harvests solar energy contained in the air around it
  4. Water source heatpumps

Surface collectors and vertical probes are the most used ground source heatpumps in underfloor heating Scotland. Ground source is 30-50% cheaper than oil and gas and has a high efficiency. A heatpump can keep your home at a constant ambient temperature for less than the cost of running with fossil fuel due to lower flow temperatures.

A ground source heat pump system harnesses natural heat energy stored in the ground by pumping brine through it. The heat pump then increase the temperature and the heat is used to provide home heating or hot water. Hot water with a temperature of up to 60 degrees is achievable. 

Learn here how a heat pump works:

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has a positive effect on the quality of air inside by facilitating the choice of otherwise perceived cold flooring materials such as tile, slate, terrazzo and concrete. These masonry surfaces have lower volatile emissions, keeping the air cleaner in comparison to other flooring options. The air heated by the floor also has less flow to transport dust and other airborne contaminates.

Heated floors will also speed evaporation of wetted floors in bath and shower rooms and after cleaning. Additionally, underfloor heating with fluid filled pipes is not only a heating system for colder periods, in the summer it it can cool as well!