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The benefits of a 5D bend

Are you planning to make use of a 5D bend for your offshore or maritime project? You should! A 5D bend is a very thick bend, that is a significantly bigger size than a standard bend. This larger size allow a 5D bend to handle corrosive substances, whereas a standard size bend would not be able to. This makes it an excellent choice for your offshore or maritime project. However, this thicker and larger size makes it a product that is difficult to produce and many suppliers only produce it on demand. At, you can find these products readily available online.

Make use of a barred tee for safe maintenance

Maintenance is an important aspect when you are constructing a pipeline. Safe maintenance should be a necessity for your project. You can achieve this with a barred tee. This is a special type of pipe fitting that has a cage-like bar structure in it. The bar structure of a barred tee allows maintenance pigs to move freely within the pipeline, because it is stopped from flowing into areas it is not supposed to go into. This is very important when your pipeline branches out to smaller pipes, which could get clogged by the maintenance pig. Do you want to use a barred tee fitting for your pipeline? Then you should check the available products of They have many different sizes available for you.   

Consult an expert on pipelines

There are many different types of products available for the construction of a pipeline, but which is is the best for your project? This can be a daunting question. You can always contact, the leading online expert on pipelines. Do you want to know more about a 5D bend or a barred tee? You can consult their website for many different products, as they all have extensive product data. However, for any additional questions, you can always consult their helpdesk for any problem that you might have.