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The importance of a cable safe working environment

If you work in certain industries where a lot of cables, wires and hoses are used, it is important to prevent any accidents from happening. A lot of loose cables and wires can lead to tripping hazards or the damaging of important cables and wires. That’s why it is important to bundle those together as a precaution. At ISP, they offer various safety products for a safer work environment. The safety hooks and cable guards are specifically used for bundling cables and wires together and creating a cable safe work environment in industries such as refineries, paper mills, automotive, marine, offshore and chemical plants.

Optimize the safety of your employees with these safety products

The safety products from ISP, like the safety hooks and cable guards, are specifically meant for creating a safe work environment for every employee. That’s why the products are made from extremely durable materials that hardly require any maintenance. When you buy a safety cable hook from ISP, you buy a product that is cost-friendly, corrosion-free, ATEX-proof and TÜV-tested. The safety hooks can be used with one hand, are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility and are available in four various sizes: 6”, 9”, 12” and 15”. Do you want to create a safe work environment in an easy and effective way? The products from ISP will definitely help you do this.

Do not hesitate to contact these experts for more information

The safety of you and your employees is most important when it comes to work. The safety products from ISP offer an easy solution to all your safety problems, especially when working with cables and wires. The safety hooks and cable guards will create an environment that is safe for everyone involved. Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact these experts for more information.