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What is the most expensive city one can live in Italy?

Purchasing houses appear quite expensive at times due to certain factors that is why renting houses is a perfect alternative. However, renting houses also might appear expensive due to certain factors which include location, facilities and other amenities. These factors are to be considered before renting an apartment in an expensive city.

For a country like Italy, Milan is considered to be one of the most expensive places to live in today. Judging for the name, buying a house or renting an apartment in Milan would be considered exorbitant due to the high price tags that these properties bear when they are put up for sale. When renting in such places, several factors should be considered to avoid future regrets.

Milan is considered one of the most expensive places to buy or rent a house in Italy. It is considered expensive due to the lifestyle observed around the environment which includes top spots, cars, foods, assorted clothes and businesses.

These factors sum together makes Milan an exorbitant place to live in. However, renting an apartment in Milan won’t be as bad as it is known to be associated with a lot of social activities and attractions that might interest anyone. For individuals seeking to rent an apartment in Venice, several considerations should be looked into.

Reducing the cost of rent in expensive places in Italy

Reducing the cost of rent in Italy would be the best alternative to consider if the individual wish to stay in Italy. Costs can be reduced by searching for locations in the outskirts in such expensive places where the cost of living is quite low compared to the cost of living in the main places.

Another option of reducing costs when seeking to rent an apartment in Milan is by considering homes with less exorbitant amenities. These factors if considered might help in reducing costs.

Factors that permits to live in expensive places in Italy 

Deciding to live in Milan, the most expensive place in Italy doesn’t just occur in the mind. It comes with a lot of requirements to live in such places. These requirements include the earning power of the individual seeking to rent an apartment in an exclusive location.

Most rents are said to cost over $15k – $17k in Milan. Moreover, other factors which include additional costs attached equally matters as most tenants get billed with huge sums of money to maintain the structure they rented.

Renting an apartment inexpensive place in Italy. 

To buy or rent a house inexpensive places in Italy comes with a lot of demands. The individual is advised to register with a reputable housing agency to find a suitable place that suits their budgets and needs. The environment should be considered also when renting a place in Milan. Additional services such as security should equally be considered.


Renting an apartment in Milan appears expensive. However, it is best to consider the factors listed above and find the best that suits you.